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“The virtual is viral,” Clea Bardan, an editor at DeBase SF, a subsidiary of PetroDent, tells Claudia Weiss, her favorite underpaid, overworked creator of sci fi virts (pulp entertainments of the future), before assigning her an impossible task that will take Claudia from her one-room writing studio in Stuttgart to Nueva York to a Harkon orbital to Relix, a water-based information planet that may hold the secret of how to save the multiverse from the O-Cloud, a virus that is destroying all sentient life forms at their ontological core.


But how much of what Claudia encounters along her journey of self-discovery has been altered by the virtual? And can a smart-talking mouse transformed from her fictional virt really save her and the multiverse from their demise?


The Straw That Broke delves, via a multitude of cinematic and narrative devices, into these and other metaphysical matters, while remaining a tale of loss and love, hope and despair, about Claudia Weiss and us all.

The Straw That Broke will have it's world-premiere at the 55th Hof International Film Festival!

You can see the film on site or online.

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Facts - The Straw That Broke


Year: 2021

Genre: Science-Fiction
Production: 2015 - 2021
Country: Germany
Language: German
Subtitles: English
Duration: 70 min.
Format: 4K, 16.9, Color
Director: Valentin Hennig
Writer: Tom Whalen
Based on the novel„The Straw that Broke“ by Tom Whalen

Produced by: Valentin Hennig, Tom Whalen
Staring: Claudia Gallatz, Manuel Harder, Manja Kuhl, Santiago Ziesmer, Robert Besta, Konrad Lucas, Gabrielle Zimmermann
Original Score by: Vincent Wikström, Leo Frick
Mix: Vincent Wikström
Sound: Bastian Gies, Rosa Grünwald, Vincent Wikström
Editor: Valentin Hennig
Camera: Valentin Hennig, Fabiola Maldonado, Mizi Lee
Color-Grading: Fabiola Maldonado, Valentin Hennig
VFX and CGI: Oleg Kauz, Gaëtan Aguado, Thomas Dawidowksi, Taokan Xu

Stop-Motion Animation: Valentin Hennig
Make-Up: Melanie Jatzkowski, Nicole Czapalla, Ines Gläsle
Costume: Elke Hennen, Johannes Kaufmann, Valentin Hennig, Isabella Braunreuther
Setdesign: Valentin Hennig, Florian Fischer, Elke Hennen Produktionsberatung: Maximilian Höhnle
Filmposter: Bureau Progressiv, Noah Bailey



Valentin Hennig (Director and Producer)

Birkenwaldstraße 88-1
70191 Stuttgart
Tel: 0049(0)15155387248

Mail: Hennig.valentin@gmail.com